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  • Mangaroca Batida de Coco Liqueur is a fruit liqueur produced in Brazil and based on a typical Brazilian recipe with milk, coconut infusion and alcohol. Luis Caballero S.A. is a family business founded in 1830, based in Spain and with a large presence in international markets.

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  • Southern Comfort is a liqueur of American origin based on alcohol macerated with fruits and spices, soft and pleasant. The original recipe, from 1874, contained American whisky, although it is currently made on neutral alcohol. Sazerac Company is the current owner of Southern Comfort, after acquiring the original company in 2016.

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  • Malibu Rum is originally from Barbados, made with a natural extract of coconut with a low percentage of alcohol which makes it ideal for making cocktails. Pernod Ricard has been present in Spain since the end of the 70s, when it was installed in the Spanish market through the production and distribution company PRACSA (Pernod Ricard Antich Cusenier).

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  • Paniagua Licor de Limón 3 Lt. Lemon Liqueur, is a liqueur flavored with lemon made by the Paniagua distilleries. Paniagua liqueurs and marcs are born in the headquarters of Carballiño, in Ourense. They are the best fruit of several generations dedicated to the production of quality products.

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  • Amaretto Disaronno is defined as the best Italian liquor, and as established by the label on its bottle, it has been made since the 16th century. The amaretto has its origin in Saronno, a small town near Milan, Italy. Its secret formulation formula has not changed since 1525. Disaronno is presented in an unmistakable square bottle of the sixteenth century.

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  • Paniagua Licor Café 3 Lt. a liqueur with coffee flavor elaborated by the Paniagua distilleries. The Paniagua liquors represent almost a century and a half of work by a family committed to the quality and origin of our products.

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  • Tía María is a liqueur composed of cane liquor, coffee beans, vanilla and sugar. Tía María is one of the most famous coffee liquors in the world. In Jamaica, its production has a tradition of more than 300 years.

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  • Kahlúa 1Lt. is a Mexican coffee liqueur, well known in the international market for its dense texture and sweet taste, with a distinctive aroma and taste of coffee, and a soft appearance of natural varnish. Kahlúa, is the most famous coffee liqueur in the world and its name means "House of the Acolhuas" in the Nahuatl language. Prepared by Pernod Ricard.

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