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The Appellation of Origin Alicante is synonymous with quality wines. For 25 years, the production and the cropping system have changed. Better winemakers, better wineries and better presentation endorsed by the best technology. Theyr wines are at one of the highest levels in Europe.

For centuries, the fields of Alicante have been exploited by farmers who have worked the land to plant vines. They are fields that make up a colorful landscape that floods the whole province.

The soils of the Denomination of Origin Alicante are sandy, very granulated and with a very suitable texture for the cultivation of the grape. They are soils with high porosity and permeability, which facilitates drainage, thus preventing water retention.

The regions that form the Alicante Appellation of Origin are: Marina Alta, Marina Baja, El Comtat, L'Alcoià, Alacantí, Vinalopó Alto, Vinalopó Medio and Vinalopó Bajo.

The grape varieties that are mainly produced in this area are Monastrell, Moscatel de Alejandría and Garnacha. In first place, the Monastrell variety, is present in 75% of the red wines of the D.O., Alicante Moscatel wine, on the other hand, is a wine with a very wide range of colors and where its aromas stand out. The noble and vintage wines are maintained, which combine perfectly with the production of sparkling wines, very aromatic wines that fit perfectly with the Mediterranean diet.

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