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  • Jägermeister Liqueur has become in recent years the most famous export beverage in Germany. It is very popular in Lower Saxony in the city of Wolfenbüttel. In addition, the price of Jägermeister makes it even more attractive to the public. In 1934, Curt Mast developed the recipe for an herbal liqueur with unique and characteristic flavor.

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  • Ruavieja Licor de Hierbas is an herbal liqueur made in Santiago de Compostela (Galicia) as well as the rest of Ruavieja's products. For more than 4 generations, the Galician family Rodríguez Ovalle has collected the most genuine Aguardenteira tradition and has applied it to the production of Ruavieja Liqueur and Spirits.

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  • Ruavieja Licor de Café is a fine Coffee Liqueur made with selected products following traditional methods. The origin of Ruavieja dates back to 1978, and refers to the Rodríguez Ovalle family group. Ruavieja is the main reference in the manufacture, bottling and commercialization of premium spirits and liquors.

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  • Orujo Blanco Panizo is obtained from the distillation of the orujos in their copper boilers, a classic of the after-meals chats of Spain, both in private homes and in bars and restaurants. Destilerías Panizo is a family business with a long tradition in the sector of alcoholic beverages (liqueurs and marcs). Their learning is innovation and commitment to...

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  • Crema De Orujo Paniagua 3 Lt. is a cream made in Galicia and has a centuries-old tradition. The Paniagua liqueurs represent almost a century and the hard work of a family committed to quality and the origin of its products.

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  • Licor de Hierbas Panizo is obtained from pomace brandy (distilled in Panizo's own plant). It is a product with a long tradition in the north of Spain and over the years, has spread throughout the country.

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  • Paniagua Licor De Hierbas 3 Lt., this Herbal Liqueur is made up of the combination of Galicia pomace brandy and 14 different natural herbs from Galicia. The Paniagua liquors represent almost a century and a half of work by a family committed to the quality and origin of our products.

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  • Antioqueño Aguardiente is a typical liquor of Colombia, especially in Antioquia, where the peasants incorporated it into their customs. Made by the Liquor Factory of Antioquia. With the first crops of sugarcane, the brandy was made and since then, this art was perfected by hidden clans, who inherited the secret recipe from the successor generations.

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