Anís Marie Brizard 1lt.
  • Anís Marie Brizard 1lt.

Marie Brizard 1 Lt.

CellarMarie Brizard
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Marie Brizard 1 Lt. is an anisette licor made with 12 botanicals that gives it the typical flavor of Mediterranean anise.

Marie Brizard was founded in Bordeaux in 1755, at the age of 41, with her nephew Jean-Baptiste Roger, the Marie Brizard company and Roger, anise maker, (anise from eleven aromas).

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Marie Brizard 1 Lt. Anisstte is made using a unique recipe that has been kept secret since its inception and has not changed. A distillation of a series of plants, botanicals and spices that intensify the classic flavor of anise.

These botanicals are distilled twice and separately in 60-year-old copper stills.

Marie Brizard 1 Lt. Tasting Notes

  • View: Marie Brizard has a transparent, crystalline color.
  • Nose: Characteristic aroma of green anise.
  • Palate: Soft, slightly acidic, characteristics of the green anise of the Mediterranean.

Consumption Recommendation

Marie Brizard 1 Lt. is usually taken alone, with ice or as a long drink with water and lemon peel.

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Distribuido por: Marie Brizard España, S.A.- Carrer del Clos de Sant Francesc, 2 (08034 Barcelona)

Data sheet

Bottle Shape
1 Liter
Country of Origin
Marie Brizard
Anís verde del mediterráneo

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Marie Brizard 1 Lt.

Marie Brizard 1 Lt.