Sidra Zapiain Natural 75cl.
  • Sidra Zapiain Natural 75cl.

Zapiain Natural Cider

CellarZapiain Sagardotegia, Zapiain Sagardotegia AppellationSidra, Sidra
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Zapiain Natural Cider, is a Basque cider, specifically from Guipuzcoa, which uses quality local apple and other varieties of apple for its preparation.

Natural Cider (6% Vol.)






Zapiain Natural Cider does not contain added sulphites nor additives. Its carbon dioxide comes from the current fermentation process (it is not added). A refreshing and long drink.

Before uncorking the bottle, you must take it with one hand at the bottom, put it upside down and shake it intensely for a few seconds, to dissolve the sediment and awaken the carboniconatural gas it contains in its breast.

Once the stopper is removed, we should let it fall from a certain height, not exaggerated, about 20 cm, to a thin glass and consume once the amount of cider that we have thrown into the glass.

Zapiain Natural Cider Recommendation of consumption

It should be consumed fresh, not very cold, about 10-12 ºC.

Elaborada y embotellada por Zapiain, S.A.T. REG.ENV.5190 SS

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6%, 6%
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Country of Origin
Wine Type
Sparkling Wine
Zapiain Sagardotegia, Zapiain Sagardotegia
Sidra, Sidra

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Zapiain Natural Cider

Zapiain Natural Cider