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Bodega Numanthia receives its name in tribute to the city of Numancia where its first Tinta de Toro grape variety vineyards were planted in 1870. 

Bodega Numanthia cellar is located on the hills near the Duero River. The climate of the place is characterized by being extreme with hot dry summers and very cold winters. The grape used by this cellar is Tinta de Toro, whose small grains contain abundant tannins, are picked at the optimum moment of maturity guiving unique fruity aromas.

The soils on which the vineyards are located are dry and stony with a clay subsoil. The crops are limited to 1,800 kilograms per hectare.

Three wines are prodeced in this cellar: Termes, Numanthia and Termanthia. The aging of the wines of this cellar is carried out in French Bordeaux barrels where the wines move away with great delicacy. Each wine needs its own attention, in the case of the Termes it is prioritized that the grape maintains its natural vitality, for the Numanthia it is pursued that the wine obtains greater depth and maturity, and in the case of the Termanthia goes through two processes of aging in new French barrels.

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Termes 2019

 Termes 2019 is a complex and structured with all the power of O.D.Toro.

Bodegas Numanthia was the pioneer in the quality jump of the area, and has been a benchmark for the Toro Denomination of Origin for years.

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Numanthia 2017

Numanthia 2017 is one of the great wines of Spain, and one of the most valued internationally. Year after year, the 2013 vintage is deep, complex, intense, round, very full of flavor. One of the wines that is always worth having in the cellar.

Located in the town of Valdefinjas (Zamora), Numanthia was founded by the Riojan family Eguren in 1998.

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