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Bodegas Franco Españolas was founded in 1890 in Logroño in the middle of the Rioja Qualified Denomination of Origin.

Bodegas Franco Españolas was founded in the 19th century due to the rise of the wine world in La Rioja at this time. That is why Frederick Anglade Saurat founded this cellar whose name merges France and Spain.

A year after its founding, the first harvest was carried out, which resulted in its Diamante and Estilo Burgundy wines, which was renamed Rioja Bordón in the 1950s and renamed Bordón in 2017.

In 1933 the Dry Law of the United States ends and in 1953 the D.O Rioja is promoted, which makes this cellar have a presence in large European cities in addition to Caracas, Buenos Aires, Havana or New York.

In 1984 the businessman Marcos Equizábal bought the cellar, its location on the banks of the Ebro river makes it one of the D.O.

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