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  • Blackberry Darling liqueur is a liqueur with blackberry flavor, elaborated by the company Destilerías Panizo. Destilerías Panizo is a family business with a long tradition in the sector of alcoholic beverages (liqueurs and marcs). The business started in 1938. The company has achieved IFS Certification in facilities, processes and products.

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  • Larios Triple Seco Liqueur is made from the distillation of orange peels. Larios is a viticulture and sugarcane exploitation and rum distillation company owned by the family that gives name to several commercial brands of alcoholic beverages like this Triple Seco.s.

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    June Spirit is a French liquor that gets its name from the goddess Juno, the queen of the sky, protector of light. Following a secret recipe, a mixture is created with the flower distillates of Ugni-blanc, Merlot, Cabernet-Sauvignon before being distilled for the last time to unify and perfectly harmonize their flavors.

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  • Absinthe 89,90 Green, distilled from wormwood (Artemisia absinthium), is a drink that began to elaborate in the nineteenth century, although there are precedents of similar drinks since the Egyptian and Greek civilizations, in 1500 BC. The wormwood, a fundamental plant in the production of Absinthe, is very similar to tarragon, and was already used to...

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  • Thunder Bitch is a Canadian whiskey macerated with cinnamon and chili. Legend says that this maceration began during the dry law, to mask the smell and not be detected by the police dogs of the United States border, where it was exported illegally. The goal of Thunder Bitch is to become the fashion shot, along with other classics such as the...

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  • Drambuie is an extraordinary blend of aged scotch, heather honey, spices and herbs. It is a unique liqueur that offers drinkers an extraordinary taste experience. Drambuie is a liqueur that emerged in 1746, when the recipe was made known and began to be elaborated.

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  • Licor de Bellota La Extremeña, an acorn liqueur made in Almendralejo (Badajoz) by distilleries Espronceda. A recipe with more than 100 years old.

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  • Licor 43 Orochata is born from the perfect combination of the original Liquor 43 and the best Horchata from Valencia. The distillery Diego Zamora makes this liquor that was released a few years ago.

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  • Sobieski Caramel Vodka Liqueur a is made with Sobieski vodka as base and candy. Distilled in Poland.

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  • Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur is a liqueur made from wild roasted hazelnuts dipped in alcohol along with berries and spices. This liqueur is named after the monk who lived in a hermitage in Piedmont and created it around the year 1600 along with many other drinks.

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  • Cointreau is a liqueur of French origin, made from the distillation of orange peels, both sweet and bitter, distilled in copper stills. This liqueur was created in the Cointreau family's distillery in 1875, in the village of Saint-Barthélemy-d'Anjou, in the French region of Pays de la Loire.

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  • Mangaroca Batida de Coco Liqueur is a fruit liqueur produced in Brazil and based on a typical Brazilian recipe with milk, coconut infusion and alcohol. Luis Caballero S.A. is a family business founded in 1830, based in Spain and with a large presence in international markets.

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