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The Sociedad Cooperativa Alcoholera de Chinchón has been making Chinchón anise with a unique seal for more than a century (it was founded in 1911), which has earned them recognition as Appellation of Origin.

The Sociedad Cooperativa Alcoholera de Chinchón was founded in 1911, and is one of the companies with the highest international penetration, as it exports 25% of its production to markets such as Mexico and South America.

Its origin is in another broader cooperative, of harvesters and producers, from which they splintered to dedicate themselves to the protection of this product, anise, which was becoming increasingly popular in Spain. The Sociedad Cooperativa Alcoholera de Chinchón has been part of the González Byass Group since 1969, although it continues to make anise in the traditional Chinchón way and within the municipality.

The name of Anís Chinchón refers to the anise produced in the town of Chinchón, with Protected Appellation of Origin, specifically using the matalahuga anise grain, through the traditional distillation method of chinchón anise.

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