List of products by manufacturer La Martiniquaise

The Martiniquaise is the second largest brand of spirits in France, owning brands as sold as Cutty Sark, Label 5 or Negrita.

The company was created in 1934, and was initially dedicated to the import and distribution of Caribbean rums, particularly agricultural rums - from the island of Martinique, hence its name.

After World War II, the company expands its assortment including calvados, cognac, and even port wines.

However, it was not until 1969 that it began to produce its own products, with the acquisition of the wineries of Oporto Gran Cruz, and the launch of Label 5.

In Spain, they have acquired brands such as Bardinet, producer of Ron Negrita, Cavas Marçal and Gin Giró.

His last major acquisition, in 2019, was that of Cutty Sark, which together with Poliakov vodka became the top sales of the company.

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