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The Zifar Wineries began their journey in 2002, and were born with the aim of producing very high quality wines. It is located in Peñafiel, in the heart of the Ribera del Duero

The building used to make the wines dates from 1914. Its foundations contain hundreds of years, a fact that makes it an emblematic and attractive place for wine lovers. Similarly, the winery is characterized by being equipped with modern facilities that achieve a production of 120,000 kg. from grape. In addition, new technologies do not prevent the winery from maintaining the traditional essence of the grapes grown in the Ribera del Duero.

Zifar locates the aging cellar underground, an essential feature that allows it to provide the appropriate degree of humidity and temperature for the grapes. It owns 500 barrels, mainly French oak (95%), although there are also some American oak (5%). Each barrel has different capacities -250 and 500 liters- to be able to adapt, as much as possible, to the grape varieties and to what each one requires to exploit its qualities.


The vineyards of Bodegas Zifar are located, on the one hand, in Pesquera del Duero, where they grow grapes with good acidity, high production and quality, both in young and aged wines, due to the type of soil. In Quintanilla de Arriba it has extraordinary vineyards due to the altitude at which they are located and the properties of the soil. They produce wines of the highest quality and value.

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