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The Dominio De Tares cellar was founded in 2000 and is one of the pioneers in the area. With the aim of showing the quality of the vineyards of Bierzo and the passion for this area.

Dominio De Tares cellar is located in León in the Bierzo area, a privileged area for the production of excellent quality wines. Its characteristic climate and soil with moderate humidity favors the creation of vineyards whose production is really excellent.

The vineyard is formed by the grape varieties Mencía and Godello, which are located in carefully selected areas for their correct growth. The harvest is done manually, which allows the selection of the best bunches and vinification is made pago by pago to maintain the essence of each land.

The wines of this winery are completely handmade, respecting to the maximum the character of the autochthonous grapes and the nature that surrounds them. Combining this philosophy with new technologies to extract all the essence of the fruit in the most optimal conditions.

The aging of its wines take between 4 and 18 months depending on the wine, in French oak barrels, in underground cellars where the temperature and atmospheric conditions are obtained naturally.

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Dominio de Tares Cepas...

Dominio de Tares Cepas Viejas 2018 is a varietal that reflects all the elegance and subtlety of the variety Mencia.

Located in the Alto Bierzo, in the town of San Roman de Bembibre, the Dominio de Tares winery has quickly become one of the references O.D. Bierzo.

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