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Bodegas Clunia is located in Coruña del Conde, in the province of Segovia, whose land began to be planted in the 90s.

Bodegas Clunia is located in Coruña del Conde, the plow discovers the chronicle of another time since it is in an ancient Roman settlement in Burgos. The winery was born with the idea of ​​producing high quality wines marked by the hostile climate of the place.

The cellar as we know it today is a new construction, previously, they did not own the facilities, but in 2014 they decided to build their own.

It has a capacity to store 100 tons of grapes in its cellar and its vineyards are at an altitude of between 900-1,100 meters. It has a total of 70 hectares where the grape varieties grown are: Tempranillo, Syrah, Albillo, and Malbec.

The vineyards were planted in the 90s and at high altitude surrounded by mountains that cause hard and hot summers and cold winters with great inclemency over time and large changes in temperature between day and night which favors the proper ripening of its fruits. The soil on which the vineyards are located is limestone, with variation of clays, sands and rocks depending on the farm.

The harvest is done manually, and once in the cellar, it goes through a second table selection to obtain the best bunches. The fermentation of its wines takes place in stainless steel tanks and the subsequent aging in French oak barrels always at an exhaustively  controlled temperature. The winery has a low production of bottles, around 42,000 bottles per year.

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Clunia Syrah 2018

Clunia 2018, made with tempranillo, is in our opinion a complex wine, full of nuances, with great structure and very mature tannins. A special and different wine, to enjoy.

At the end of the 90s, Clunia winery was born in the town of Coruña de Conde, in the province of Castilla y León, with the aim of producing extraordinary wines in soils of extreme conditions.

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