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Concejo Bodegas was born in 2003, is a family cellar that produces red and rosé wines, in the town of Valoria La Buena, Valladolid.

Concejo Bodegas located in the town of Valoria La Buena in the heart of the Douro Valley, wine is made since the SXII, by the called "white monks" who brought the vineyard to the monastery of Grijalba, dependent on Santa Maria de Retuerta. In the XIIIth century a Castle of the order of Calatrava was founded, which currently belongs to the cellar and welcomes our project, Hospedería Concejo, and continues the expansion of the cultivation of the vine in the area.

The first vineyards are acquired in 1906 when wine is regularly made. From the 5th year the vineyards were discarded until barely 3 hectares remained until the 80s, when the vineyard is restructured until it had about 30 hectares.

At the end of the 90s, Enrique and Olga started the winery from a vineyard planted in a unique soil with an advanced age. In 2009, wines from the winery are certified as organic and in 2010 the Hospedería Concejo is inaugurated.

The current vineyard has 26 hectares of vines, all of them organic with yields of less than 5,000 kilograms per hectare. Which is formed by a soil of 35% of poor limestone and with an age of approximately 20 years (Finca Carredueñas).

The oldest vineyards are in Valoria and San Martín, gravel lands on hillsides is used to make their wine Concejo.

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