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Terra alta

The Terra Alta Denomination of Origin was created in 1982 and currently has 46 attached wineries. It is located west of the province of Tarragona, between the Ebro river and the limit with Aragón. It includes the 12 municipalities of the Terra Alta region.

It is characterized by its variation between winemaking techniques traditional in the oldest wineries with modern and innovative techniques.

The soils are rich in calcareous rock and poor in organic matter, they are clay soils and with a large amount of thick elements that favors drainage. The production of white wine predominates, elaborated with the Garnacha blanca and Macabeo grape varieties. The climate of this area is Mediterranean with continental influences. The area is also characterized by the winds of the Cierzo and the Garbi, which play a fundamental role in the viticulture of this area.

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