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Bodegas Cuevas Jiménez was founded in 2003, by María Luisa Cuevas in Ribera del Duero.

Bodegas Cuevas Jiménez was born in Ribera del Duero in 2003, by the hand of María Luisa Cuevas and with the support of her brother Enrique.

The cellar is located surrounded by a natural pine forests in the neuralgic center of the Ribera del Duero as well as the vineyards. Some of these vineyards are among the oldest in the province of Burgos, divided into microparcels of the best Tempranillo vines.

Organic viticulture is used, even some of the wine growers from which some batches of the grapes are grown encourage biodynamic movement.

The cellar consists of 15 hectares of vineyards over 40 years old, located on clay, calcareous and sandy soils. Divided into different pagos among which we can highlight: La Horra, Quintana del Pidio or Gumiel del Mercado. All of them produce the Tempranillo grape variety. The orientation of the vineyards, their maturity and the layout on the hillside are differentiating elements of these vineyards.

The differentiation of Ferratus with the other Ribera del Duero wines is the adaptation of this type of grape to the land, they are original clones of the first strains used by the monks who lived in the lands of the Duero. These grapes provide the wine with greater fruit intensity and taste quality.

Benigno Garrido who joined as oenological consultant at the beginning of the project, and an experienced man like Arcadio Hernando introduced María Luisa to the world of Ribera del Duero.

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