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Bodegas Hermanos Sastre was born in 1992, and initially owned 23 hectares of vineyards. It is located in the municipality of La Horra.

Bodegas Hermanos Sastre belongs to the Sastre family and consists of a set of old vineyards on a complex terroir. They make wines from the Tinta Fina grape variety. The vineyards are grown naturally without additives, and each wine is harvested separately.

The soil on which the vineyards are located is formed by limestone, clay and sand. Located at an altitude of 800-840 meters in small hills.

As for the production of their wines, they ferment with their own native yeasts at a controlled temperature. Once the winemaking is done, some tanks are removed to the outside where the temperatures reach 15ºC below zero. The aging takes place in barrels until they are bottled.

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Viña Sastre Crianza 2020

Viña Sastre Crianza 2020 is a red aged wine but soft and sweet and fruity.

The love for the land led the Sastre family to delve into the intricacies of the world of wine 5 decades ago with Severiano Sastre as a pioneer.

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