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Bodegas Protos was the first cellar located in Ribera del Duero in 1927. In 1987 it acquired a new cellar in the province of Burgos, surrounded by old vineyards and with the most advanced techniques in winemaking. cellar was built in 2006, in La Seca, under the D.O Rueda, to make its white wines, among which is the Protos Verdejo. Finally in 2008 Bodegas Protos was built in Peñafiel in the Ribera del Duero.

The cellar has 1,400 hectares of vineyard located at an altitude of between 750 and 900 meters. The soils are characterized for being loose, not very fertile and poor in organic matter where limestone usually predominates but also a loamy sandy structure.

The climate of the area is characterized by having hot and dry summers, and cold winters with night frosts exceeding 18º below zero. There are also great temperature variations between day and night, favoring the correct ripening of the grapes.

The harvest is carried out manually, and in boxes of 20 kilograms to take them to the cellar and once there they go through a selection table to guarantee the use of the best fruits. The continuous growth in R + D + i extends both to the study of grapes and the manufacture of barrels for the aging of wines.

Currently Bodegas Protos cellar is the most visited in the Ribera del Duero with 38,000 visits a year.

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