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The wine tradition of Valdeorras dates back to Roman times. Valdeorras is one of the oldest Denominations of Origin that exist (the second oldest in Galicia), recognized by Ministerial Order in 1945. This denomination covers the municipalities of A Rúa, Carballeda de Valdeorras, Larouco, O Barco, O Bolo, Petín , Rubiá and Vilamartín, located in the north-eastern part of the province of Orense.

In this area the climate is drier than in the rest of Galicia, mixing the Atlantic influence with features of the continental. The average temperature is about 11ºC and the rainfall rate ranges between 850 and 1000 mm per year. The soils of this area are very diverse. We found shallow and slatesoils, granitic soils with abundant sand. This wide range of soils favors the production of monovarietal wines from Godello and Mencía. In the Godello white, the most emblematic wine, we can find fruity aromas, with a straw yellow color and a good entrance and structure in the mouth. Regarding the Mencía, of an intense purple color, light and tasty wines, with a good balance and perfect to accompany a great variety of gastronomic recipes of the area. The Valdeorras Denomination of Origin also produces other white and red varieties such as Garnacha Tintorera, Tempranillo or Palomino grape.

Valdeorras is a name that stands out for its great innovation and implementation of new technologies, which has managed to modernize its production process, thus achieving the Valdeorras wines to be among the best in Spain and exported to the rest of the world.

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Avancia Cuveé de O Godello...

Avancia Cuveé de O Godello 2019 is a 100% godello white wine that expresses the typicity of the Valdeorras region of its climate and its soils.

Produced by Jorge Ordóñez, a winemaker who looks for the best lands in the Denominations of Origin to obtain wines that faithfully express the unique characteristics of each area.

Price €12.35

Avancia Mencía 2019

Avancia Mencía 2019 is one of the best exponents, not only of the Mencía de Valdeorras, but of the Atlantic wines. Soft, mineral, with aromas of violet, wraps and adorns any special food.

Avancia is the project of Jorge Ordóñez in the area, looking for the singularity of the Mencía grape.

Price €30.25

Avancia Godello 2017

Avancia Godello 2017 is an exquisite target, an indisputably winning bet for those in love with Godello.

Avancia is a project of the Jorge Ordoñez Group in the Galicia area, specifically within the D.O. Valdeorras The differential seal of the Avancia cellar is the artisan elaboration based on the autochthonous varieties of the area, the Godello and the Mencía.

Price €23.50

Valdesil 2019

Valdesil 2019 is a white wine with power, personality and long life in the bottle.

Bodegas Valdesil are located in Vilamartin de Valdeorras (Orense) in Valdeorras Appellation where they make their quality white wines

Price €14.70

Pagos del Galir Godello 2020

Pagos del Galir Godello 2020 is a quality wine with high expression and own personality.

The winery Virxen de Galir Pagos del Galir is located in Barco de Valdeorras (Orense) and Appellation of origin Valdeorras, located on the border of the province of Orense, the Bierzo region. 10 hectares of vineyards are located at a hight of more than 600 meters.

Price €9.60

Guitian Sobre Lías 2020

Guitian Sobre Lias 2020 is a Godello monovarietal first quality white wine. The winery A Tapada better known as Guitián, is located in Ourense.

The owners made it possible for an almost unknown grape, Godello became world famous sweeping away the gold medals in all contests they participated.

Price €16.50

Avancia Cuveé de O Mencía 2017

Avancia Cuveé de O Mencía 2017 is a light and delicate wine, with a low layer and subtle aromas.

It is made by Bodegas Avancia, a project by Jorge and Victoria Ordoñez located near the town of O Barco de Valdeorras. In the 80s, Galician researchers recovered the Godello variety. Jorge Ordoñez was the first to introduce the wines of this grape in the United States.

Price €12.35

Guitian Godello 2018

Guitian Godello 2018 is a young white wine framed within the Valdeorras Appellation. The winery A Tapada better known as Guitián is located in Ourense.

The owners made it possible for an almost unknown grape Godello, became world famous to raze a medal in competitions almost every year it was presented.

Price €12.30