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Bodegas Comenge is located in Ribera del Duero, in the province of Valladolid.

The climate of the area is characterized mainly by long and cold winters which limits the production of the grape. In addition, the great temperature changes between day and night during the ripening period favors the accumulation of tannins and the color of the grapes. The ground of the 32 hectares of vineyard of the cellar are located between 780 and 880 meters of altitude, with a diversity of materials such as limestone, sandy languages, soils of grayish tones or reddish soils.

The vines are cultivated in an ecological way with small yields. The harvest is done naturally and transported in boxes of 16 kilograms. Once in the cellar the grapes go through the selection table and are selected by hand. For the fermentation of the wines an exclusive yeast of the own vineyard is used. The aging takes place in oak barrels which brings a great aroma to the wines. Finally, the wines rest in the bottle before going on the market, which produces wines of a unique quality.

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