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Bodegas de los Ríos Prieto is a family business that was born in Pesquera de Duero and whose founder was Felix de los Ríos Iglesias.

Bodegas de los Ríos Prieto is a cellar dedicated to the production and aging of high expression wines. Félix de los Ríos Iglesias in the year 2000 continues with the family tradition of making wines by mixing innovative and traditional techniques.

The cellar is located a few meters from the Duero river, and it'is divided into three zones; the processing room, where botlles rest and the the ageing room.

The annual rainfall ranges between 430 and 440 mm. The average annual temperature is 12ºC and with large temperature variations both in summer-winter and day-night.

The wines are made following a rigorous quality process and allowing each wine to evolve in the stillness of the cellar. The barrel room is below ground level maintaining an ideal temperature for the proper aging of the wine.

It has a total of 32 hectares of vineyard in espalier, which provides 50% of the production of thecellar and the rest is purchased from growers in the area. The vineyards are distributed in the towns of Pesquera de Duero (22 hectares), Peñafiel (2.20 hectares) and Manzanillo (8 hectares).

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Rietos 14 meses 2016

Rietos Crianza 2017, made with Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon, has turned out to be a round and very fruity wine, with a smooth and pleasant passage through the mouth.

The Bodega de los Rios Prieto began marketing its wines in 2002 in Pesquera de Duero, within the D.O, Ribera del Duero and with the firm objective of producing and breeding wines of high expression.

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