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Bodegas Balbás was born in 1777, and is currently directed by Juan José Balbás after 6 generations. It was one of the cellars that promoted the Appellation of Origin Ribera del Duero.

Bodegas Balbás is located in the town of La Horra, born in 1777 producing wines combining the most advanced technologies with the family tradition of over 200 years. It was in this year, 1777, when Abbondio Balbás began to make wines with grapes from his own vineyards. Generation after generation the family continued  a tradition until today.

The cellar was one of the precursor cellars of the DO Ribera del Duero in 1982. The cellar combines techniques that have passed from generation to generation with innovative elements.

The vineyards are at an altitude of between 700 and 940 meters, on limestone-clayey soils and poor in organic matter. The production per hectare of its vineyards is low. The cellar owns more than 100 hectares of its own vineyards. The cultivation is usually done in glass and in the poor lands, on the alkaline soils.

The cellary has numerous vineyards in the area of ​​Diamante de Oro. Some of these plots are: Valdeherreros, Carreportillo, La Dehesa or Zumbrin.

The grape varieties with which the winery works are: Tempranillo, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, all of them harvested by hand. Once in the cellar the winemaker analyzes the grapes for a required quality standard.

In this cellar they give much importance to the aging in the bottle to the stay of the wine in a barrel to improve its structure and balance. The aging takes place in barrels of French and American oak selected before its manufacture.

A room in the cellar is specially prepared for the production of a few wines, which is fermented in oak barrels with maximum temperature and humidity, wines with Ribera del Duero DO with peculiarities such as Pago wines or the type of grape that It is used for its preparation.

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