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Bodegas Vivanco is located in La Rioja Alta, in the town of Briones in the foothills of Sierra de Cantabria and on the banks of the Ebro River.

Bodegas Vivanco is located in a privileged enclave of La Rioja Alta, an area of ​​mild microclimate and clay-calcareous soils. The cellar is surrounded by La Finca El Cantillo.

The cellar was built under the ground in order to maintain most of the vineyard and so that the environmental conditions were as positive as possible and this way they get a suitable temperature and humidity for the conservation and aging of the wines.

The main grape variety with which they work is the Tempranillo, but they also work with varieties such as: Graciano, Mazuelo, Viura or Malvasía. Each type of grape is located in those terroirs that will favor and adapt to each one.

The harvest is done by hand in boxes of 10 kilograms, where there's a tasting of the grapes plot by plot. The maceration is carried out in cold in a cold room where the grapes remain 24 hours until reaching 3ºC, this way the color and the varietal aromas are extracted more smoothly.

The grapes go through a double selection table, first bunches and secondly grains, to obtain the best grapes from the vineyards. The barrelling is made by gravity to keep the grapes as intact as possible, the grapes are picked, selected and destemmed on an upper floor where the deposits are, so they enter them by their own weight without the need for pumps.

The wine is elaborated in French oak vats, to favor the exchange of oxygen through the pores of the wood, the wood also acts as a thermal insulator which delays the fermentation and makes the process to be carried out more slowly. The malolactic fermentation takes place in French oak vats for aging and reserves, and in French oak barrels in the Vivanco Collection.

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Vivanco Crianza 2019

Vivanco Crianza 2019 is a wine made with Tempranillo grape variety.

In this cellar a range of modern, daring and personality wines is elaborated, which summarizes the enterprising and innovative character of Bodegas Dinastía Vivanco.

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