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Bodegas Vetus was born in 2003 and is the project of the Antón family (Grupo Artevino) in the Toro Appellation of Origin, located in the Toro region of Zamora.

Bodegas Vetus is a cellar belonging to Grupo Artevino, a project of the Antón family, located in the province of Zamora. It makes wines under the Toro Denomination of Origin.

The cellar facilities were opened in 2008 and currently have a total of 20 hectares of vineyards on their property that are divided into 3 plots. Each with strains of different ages and with different types of planting.

In the vineyard, the grape variety cultivated is the Tinta de Toro through a type of viticulture that respects the environment and carefully treats the vines. The property is divided into three plots of different age and different planting frame, which requires specialized care. 

The vineyards are cultivated in espalier and low yield, with around 4.000 kg of production per hectare to guarantee its quality. The strains are located on sandy soils.

The cellar works with an exhaustive control of the vineyard, through low yields and sustainable agriculture. The Camparrón pre-phylloxera age and direct standing plot represents the maximum expression of Tinta de Toro and with which a limited production of Celsus is elaborated.

The climate of this area is characterized by large changes in temperature between day and night, especially in the ripening season, which favors notably the correct development of the grape which will provide a great intensity in both color and aromas.

This cellar produces the wines Flor de Vetus, Flor de Vetus Verdejo, Vetus and Celsus, looking for a better balance than the traditional Toro red wines.

In the aging warehouse of the cellar there are 400 French and American oak barrels. They have deposits of automatic double dropping adapted to the size of the plots and vinify accordingly.

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Flor de Vetus 2019

Flor de Vetus 2019 is a red wine made with 100% Tinta de Toro grape and with a Toro Appellation of Origin.

Made by Bodegas Vetus, it is the Toro wine of the Artevino Group, which produces wines such as Pruno in Ribera del Duero and Izadi in Rioja.

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