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Bodegas Luis Cañas is a family cellar with for over 200 years of history and which entered the commercial market in 1970.

Bodegas Luis Cañas is a family cellar that has been dedicated to winemaking for 4 generations. For more than a century, the cellar has been making young wines using traditional methods such as carbonic maceration, a process that takes place in the Cueva de los Curas, the old cellar dug into the ground. Luis Cañas went to market in 1970 to commercialize bottled wines which were sold in bulk until then, and in that same year the current cellar was created.

In 1989, Juan Luis Cañas, son of Luis Cañas, took over the management of the cellar, which had difficulties with the family tradition of making young wines and begun giving importance to the production of aged wines.

In 1994, a new and modern cellar was inaugurated with the most advanced wine-making systems.

The cellar located in La Rioja Alavesa has vineyards surrounded by Sierra Cantabria, some vineyards that are mostly advanced and old and planted on clay-calcareous soils with low fertility on slopes and terraces. A total of 900 plots of approximately 400 hectares of own vineyard, with low production per vineyard. Viticulture is organic without the use of herbicides or any other aggressive practice.

After the harvest is done, the grapes are transported to the cellar using plastic boxes for the old vineyards and trailers for the young vineyards. The grapes go through a double selection table to select the berries in the best condition. The aging of the wines takes place in French and American oak barrels with an average age of three years.

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