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Vino de Pago, is the highest administrative qualification given to a winery. The Pago Wines belong to a rural area with different characteristics from the environment where they are located. They are made in farms near these areas, limited by the Autonomous Community in which they are located. If a Pago is in its entirety within the geographical area of ​​a D.O. and also complies with its corresponding regulations, we can call Qualified Pago Wine.

For a wine to be a Pago, it must comply with the following specific characteristics:

It must be made by the owners of the vineyards located in that pago (exceptionally also by wineries located in the vicinity of the pago).
The grapes with which the wine is made have to come from those same vineyards.
Pago wine has to be stored and carried out separately from the rest of the wines.
It must keep the same name, at least for five years.
It must have a series of quality requirements demanded, from the very beguining when the grapes are produced until the wine is released to the market.
Must have belonged to a Denomination of Origin before and for at least 10 years.
In Spain there are 9 wines of Pago, among which we could highlight El Terrerazo, Pago Chozas de Carrascal or Dominio de Valdepusa, among others.

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Mestizaje 2018

Mestizaje 2018 is a red wine with an excellent quality/pleasure ratio.

Bodegas Mustiguillo are making history in the Valencian vineyard, rescuing the local grape Bobal, for quality wines as remarkable as this Mestizaje 2015.

Price €9.36

Pago de Cirsus Cuvée...

Pago de Cirsus Cuvée Especial 2016 is a wine made with grapes from the Tempranillo, Merlot and Syra varieties and Pago Denomination of Origin.

Elaborated in the Pago de Cirsus cellar that produces wines with grapes from its own farm, and its elaboration and bottling is done on the farm itself, which allows to respect the qualitie of the raw material as much as possible.

Price €10.99