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Brugal is a brand that markets rum from the Dominican Republic. It was founded in 1888 by Andrés Brugal Montaner.

Brugal was born by the hand of Andrés Brugal Montaner in Puerto Palata (Dominican Republic) in 1888. It was in 1920 when the first warehouses were built to age the rum, giving rise to the Golden Rums aged in oak barrels.

In 1976 the "Ron Brugal Extraviejo" was released, with which the premium rum segment began in the sector. In 2005 the company begins to use 5-liter barrels. They currently have a distillery in San Pedro de Macorís and an aging and bottling plant in Puerto Plata.

A distillery that has five generations of Andrés Brugal's family at its management. In 2008 the Edrington Group took control of the company with the acquisition of the majority of the shares.

The process of making their rums is as follows:

Firstly, the freshly cut sugar cane is transported to the mills where the sugar is removed. Once in the distillery, it is fermented with yeasts through contrasts of cold and heat. It is then distilled under vacuum and the alcohol produced is transported to the city of Puerto de Plata for final processing. The alcohol is diluted with demineralized water and then aged in parks of burned white oak barrels and finally it rests in the so-called @ process chamber "

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Brugal Añejo

Brugal Añejo is a rum from the Dominican Republic. It can boast of being the third brand in the international rum market and the third brand in the European market.

Its origin is Spanish through Don Andrés Brugal Montaner who founded in the second half of the 19th century, in Puerto Plata, Brugal & CO.

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Brugal Extra Viejo Rum

Brugal Extra Viejo Rum is a rum from the Dominican Republic aged to satisfy the most demanding palates.

Brugal is the only company that produces its rums entirely in the Dominican Republic.

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