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Gin Xoriguer

CellarXoriguer, Xoriguer CellarDestilerías Xoriguer, Destilerías Xoriguer AppellationMahón-Menorca, Mahón-Menorca

Gin Xoriguer is a unique gin, produced in an artisanal way in Mahón and which, beyond its peculiar bottling, keeps a spectacular flavor that places it among the most appreciated gins all over Europe.

The Xoriguer Distilleries elaborate this gin at the port of Mahón, in Menorca, in a British style and free of all additives to preserve its purity up to the maximum.






Xoriguer, in Menorcan, is the name that designates the Minorcan windmills, since 1784.

The mission of the winery is to make a gin as natural as possible. Gin Xoriguer is the essential ingredient in the most typical drink of the island, called "pomada" in Mahón and "gin amb llimonada" in Ciutadella. It has earned the appreciation of the tourists who visit this Balearic island every year, and who bear the name of this marked gin to its places of return. Little by little it has gained a reputation as a great gin, which makes it one of the best sellers in all of Europe, even though in Spain it is still a great unknown.

Gin Xoriguer is obtained by distillation in copper still with wine alcohol, in the heat of the wood fire, and stored until bottled in oak barrels.

Gin Xoriguer Tasting Notes 

  • View: Xoriguer is bright and transparent. - Aromas: Soft aroma of juniper, herbs and fruit.
  • Nose: Light body, with juniper flavor, wood and herbs such as rosemary and thyme,
  • Palate: Prolonged, intense and tasty taste.

Other typical way of consumption is to drink it strait with a little glass of water beside, a sip of gin, a sip of water...

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Elaborado en Menorca-España. Destilerías Xoriguer M.Pons Justo, S.A.- R.E. 1290 PM

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38%, 38%
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Country of Origin
Xoriguer, Xoriguer
Destilerías Xoriguer, Destilerías Xoriguer
Mahón-Menorca, Mahón-Menorca

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Gin Xoriguer

Gin Xoriguer