Ginebra Citadelle 70cl.
  • Ginebra Citadelle 70cl.

Gin Citadelle

CellarMaison Ferrand

Gin Citadelle is a London Gin. However, the method used to produce it is more complex than usual.

In 1996, Citadelle emerged as the first artisan French gin.

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A total of 19 aromatic and botanical plants are used to make Citadelle and uses a juniper base in its recipe. It is a pure gin, without added sugars.

After the infusion of juniper and natural botanicals, the distillation with live flames takes place in small copper stills of 25 hectoliters. With this method, the heat is directed mainly towards the bottom of the still, increasing a kind of caramelization.

Gin Citadelle Tasting notes

  • View: Gin Citadelle has a transparent colour.
  • Nose: Shows delicate aromas of fresh flowers, jasmine and honeysuckle. Once served, more intense and herbaceous notes of anise, grains of paradise and cinnamon are perceived.
  • Palate: On the palate, the juniper leads to a complex and voluptuous fragrance of fresh flowers. Round, elegant and refined finish.

Recommendation of consumption

It combines very well with premium tonic, orange, red grapefruit, lemon and cocktails with lots of ice.

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70 cl
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Maison Ferrand

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Gin Citadelle

Gin Citadelle