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Southern Comfort

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Southern Comfort is a liqueur of American origin based on alcohol macerated with fruits and spices, soft and pleasant. The original recipe, from 1874, contained American whisky, although it is currently made on neutral alcohol.

Sazerac Company is the current owner of Southern Comfort, after acquiring the original company in 2016.



Southern Comfort is produced by Fratelli Branca Distillerie, which in 2018 has been awarded Liqueurs Producer of the Year award at the International Spirits Challenge, the most prestigious awards in the sector worldwide.

Southern Comfort Tasting notes

  • Vista: Southern Comfort has a clean amber color.
  • Nose: Fruity and citrus aromas of lime.
  • Palate: The contrast between sweetness and alcohol makes its taste balanced.


It is recommended to consume alone or with very cold ice. In the United Kingdom it is very popular, and it is usually consumed with lime.

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Southern Comfort

Southern Comfort