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Villa Massa Limoncello liqueur is a traditional drink produced by the company Villa Massa using an old family recipe.

The real Limoncello of Sorrento is obtained using only lemons grown in one of the municipalities of the Sorrentina Peninsula and on the island of Capri. This company is an international leader in the field of limoncello production.

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Limoncello Villa Massa is an excellent limoncello whose production uses an excellent raw material, respecting the high level of excellence that Villa Massa uses throughout its range of liquors.

Limoncello consists of the intelligent mixture of lemon, water, sugar and alcohol to obtain the most balanced possible liquor without exaggerating with lemon maceration and the sugary dose.

Villa Massa Limoncello Tasting Notes

  • View: Limoncello Villa Massa has a light green color.
  • Nose: Fresh and intense lemon skin.
  • Palate: Creamy texture, clear lemon flavor.

Recommendation of consumption
It is recommended to take only with ice.

In addition to the region of origin and in Italy, it is consumed in more than 40 countries. It is distinguished by its deep, sustained and natural lemon aroma.

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Distribuido en exclusiva por Zamora Company España.- C/ Silicio, 10 (30369 Cartagena)

Data sheet

Bottle Shape
70 cl
Country of Origin
Villa Massa

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Villa Massa Limoncello

Villa Massa Limoncello