Crema de Orujo Panizo 70cl.
  • Crema de Orujo Panizo 70cl.

Crema Orujo Panizo

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Crema de Orujo Panizo has already become a classic of the after-meals chats of Spain, both in private homes and in bars and restaurants.

Destilerías Panizo is a family business with a long tradition in the sector of alcoholic beverages (liqueurs and marcs). Their learning is innovation and commitment to new products, always with the highest quality.






Crema de Orujo Panizo is a liqueur obtained from its own distilled pomace liquor, which is a mixture then and with great care and care with the best cream of milk. The result is a pomace cream that surprises for its softness, its aroma and its fine palate, which answers in an exquisite liquor and very easy to drink.

Crema de Orujo Panizo Tasting Notes

  • View: Crema de Orujo Panizo has a light brown color and its original glass container that imitates granite attracts attention for its beauty.
  • Nose: It is presented on the nose with clean and intense aromas, with hints of vanilla and cinnamon.
  • Palate: It is presented in the mouth it presents a fine palate with light fruit flavors. Easy to drink Its low graduation is very appreciated for those palates and other products derived from the pomace seems too strong.

Crema de Orujo Panizo is ideal to drink alone with ice after a good meal. 

Crema de Orujo Panizo liqueur in En Copa de Balón is easy, convenient, and with the guarantee to get the best liqueur at the best price, and in perfect condition.

Orujos Panizo, S.L. C/ Real,89 (49332 Camarzana). R.E.6507-ZA

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Crema Orujo Panizo

Crema Orujo Panizo