Aguardiente de orujo La Cepa de Cristal 3lt.
  • Aguardiente de orujo La Cepa de Cristal 3lt.

Aguardiente de Orujo Panizo 3 Lt.

CellarDestilerías Panizo

Aguardiente de Orujo Panizo 3 Lt. Marc brandy is obtained from the distillation of the orujos in the copper boilers of Panizo Distilleries.

Destilerías Panizo is a family business with a long tradition in the sector of alcoholic beverages (liqueurs and marcs). Innovation and commitment to new products, always of the highest quality.

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Aguardiente de Orujo Panizo 3 Lt. Marc Brandy is made in a traditional way. Before being bottled, it is filtered at -5ºC so that it always remains crystalline and no precipitations or fogs appear in the bottle. The origin of the brandy goes back to the north of Spain and its name is given to him due to its high graduation and its absence of color; in addition to its low level of flammability (very characteristic to make queimadas of Galician origin).

In this case the grape used does not have any type of exclusivity and different varieties of the area are used.

Aguardiente de Orujo Panizo 3 Lt. Tasting Notes

  • View: Pomace spirit The Cepa de Cristal has a colorless, steely, shiny color.
  • Nose: Aromas of good intensity, vegetable memories and stone fruits, clean and delicate alcohol that does not bother.
  • Palate: I find dry with good intensity, long time of mouth, glyceric, unctuous, with a slight bitterness that gives it personality. Silky, persistent ending.

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Orujos Panizo, S.L.- C/ Real, 89.- Camarzana de Tera (Zamora)

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3 Litros
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Destilerías Panizo

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Aguardiente de Orujo Panizo 3 Lt.

Aguardiente de Orujo Panizo 3 Lt.