Orujo de Limón Panizo 70cl.
  • Orujo de Limón Panizo 70cl.

Orujo De Limón Panizo

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Orujo De Limón Panizo, It is based on the original idea of Italian limoncello, which is the result of the maceration of lemons with certain alcohol. A classic of the after-meals chats of Spain, both in private homes and in bars and restaurants.

Destilerías Panizo is a family business with a long tradition in the sector of alcoholic beverages (liqueurs and marcs). Their learning is innovation and commitment to new products, always with the highest quality.

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Orujo De Limón Panizo is obtained from marc liquor marinated for three months with lemons sliced with its bark. Once macerated, it is lightly sweetened. In Orujos Panizo the alcohol is substituted by pomace liquor and we make other small modifications so that the result is a smooth liquor with a marked citrus flavor.

Orujo De Limón Panizo Tasting Notes

  • View: Lemon Panizo Panizo has a pale lemon yellow color.
  • Nose: Very intense aromas of lemon and quince skin, with perfectly integrated alcohol.
  • Palate: Fresh and soft entry in the mouth. Glicérico, with a suitable sweetness without impaling, citrus nuances to "lemon" and a very lively finish.

Consumption Recommendation
It is recommended to drink cold or with ice. Also used by bakers (professional and homemade) to make mousse, cakes and other desserts where the intense lemon flavor is important.

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Orujos Panizo, S.L. C/ Real,89 (49332 Camarzana). R.E.6507-ZA

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70 cl
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Destilerías Panizo

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Orujo De Limón Panizo

Orujo De Limón Panizo