Pacharán Etxeko Ukerdi 1Lt.

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Pacharán Etxeko Ukerdi 1Lt. is a liquor produced almost exclusively in Navarra, where it is a traditional digestive drink and very popular since medieval times.



Pacharán Etxeko Ukerdi 1Lt. is a liqueur made by the maceration of sloe fruits that grow wild with anise, using the same traditional and traditional methods that the Belasco family has been making since 1834 founding the first distillery of alcohols and liquors.

The Etcheko pacharán is made with fresh sloes, alcohol, anise and sugar, the sloe comes from Navarrras plantations and the alcohol of the beet molasses of the best quality. The maceration is about two months, filtered up to 5 times. The result is a liquor of intense red color, of great fruit intensity and aniseed nuances, soft and velvety mouth passage with a soft and pleasant final memory.

Pacharán Etxeko Ukerdi 1Lt. Tasting Notes

  • View: Pacharán Etxeko Ukerdi has an intense red color with light tones. Brightness and limpidity characteristic of young drinks. It darkens with time.
  • Nose: The first aroma that is appreciated is fruit, also highlighting the aniseed nuances with ease.
  • Palate: It has a greater dryness due to its lower sugar content and its higher fruitiness.

Suggestions for consumption

Pacharán Etxeko Ukerdi is recommended to serve cold 6-8ºC or with ice if you prefer, as a digestive after meals to help with digestion.

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LG 2003, S.L.

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Pacharán Etxeko Ukerdi 1Lt.

Pacharán Etxeko Ukerdi 1Lt.