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Rum Santa Teresa 1796

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Rum Santa Teresa 1796 comes from Venezuela. It is made in Hacienda Santa Teresa, founded in 1796 and cradle of the Rum of Venezuela.

Hacienda Santa Teresa is known, in addition by its tradition and quality, for its commitment to the local community, which has integrated and helped in the eradication of violence from local bands through the love of rugby.






Rum Santa Teresa 1796 is the only añejo completely made using the old method of Solera, a traditional process in oak barrels that had traditionally been reserved for Spanish sherry and brandy. It went on the market in 1996 on the occasion of the bicentennial celebration of Hacienda Santa Teresa.

It is a blend made by young rums and the mother rum of the Hacienda, from 4 to 25 years old. It is made using a traditional manufacturing process using four rows of American white oak barrels, filled to 50% of its capacity which allows optimal oxygenation of the rum. Later it is transferred to French oak barrels where it rests for several years until it is bottled.

Its variety Ron Santa Teresa 1796  Ultra Premium has been cataloged by the most demanding juries as "the best rum in the world".

Rum Santa Teresa 1796 Tasting Notes

  • Color: Ron Santa Teresa 1796 is a reddish amber color rum and rich in tears.
  • Aromas: Fruity aroma, with hints of honey and dark chocolate.
  • Taste: Its flavor is mellow and complex, it offers notes of tobacco and leather, toasted, smoked. It is a round rum, with the balance that only the method of Solera can provide. Firm body and at the same time delicate and elegant, velvety. In the end it evokes the attributes conferred by the oaks that aged it.

Recommendation of consumption

Perfect to drink alone or with sparkling water.

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Distribuido por Bacardi España SA Calle de Velázquez, 51, 28001 Madrid

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Rum Santa Teresa 1796

Rum Santa Teresa 1796