St. Petroni White Vermuth 1L

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St. Petroni Red Vermuth 1L is a Galician Vermouth created by Vermutería de Galicia, is a company specialized in the elaboration of aromatized drinks based on Albariño wine and native products from Padrón, Galicia.





The Vermuterias de Galicia firm produces this vermouth with 75% Albariño wine. Vinified on lees, it is then subjected to a controlled maceration of 29 botanicals and is colored with hibiscus flower to take on that characteristic red color with copper highlights.

This is a vermouth carefully presented in a stylish one-liter bottle.

St. Petroni Red Vermuth 1L Tasting Note

  • View:  St. Petroni Red Vermuth 1L is Dark red with copper highlights
  • Nose: very aromatic herbs. Fruit and pastry sweets mixed with light spicy and balsamic touches.
  • Palate: very spicy aromatic herbs, good balance between bitter and sweet. It has a long journey on the palate that surprises with the complexity of its different tastes. A perfect combination of sweetness, acidity and bitterness.

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Elaborado por Vermutería de Galicia, S.L. R.E.N. 41028/C

Data sheet

15 %
Bottle Shape
1 Liter
Country of Origin
Vermutería de Galicia

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St. Petroni White Vermuth 1L

St. Petroni White Vermuth 1L