Whisky Passport 70cl.
  • Whisky Passport 70cl.

Passport Scottch Whisky

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Passport Scottch Whisky, is a Scotch whisky born in 1965. Its malt from Glen Keith, distillery built in 1957 on the ruins of an old mill of the eighteenth century.






Passport Scottch Whisky combines the malt flavor of the higher lands with the whisky of the lower lands, lighter and sweeter.

Passport Scottch Whisky Tasting Notes

  • View: The Passport Scottch Whisky is light gold.
  • Nose: fruity nose, with a marked banana note that for some is very interesting but for others, denotes flaws in the whisky. In addition, notes of caramel, vanilla, syrup and wood stand out.
  • Palate: Light body and smooth entry, interesting in the mouth, with notes marked coffee, chocolate, vanilla.

Its finish is creamy with a chocolate and coffee flavor.

Recommendation of consumption

It can be taken only with a lot of ice, with water or mixed with all kinds of soft drinks.

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Distributed by: Osborne Distribuidora, S.A.U. C/ Salvatierra, 6 - 28034 Madrid.

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Passport Scottch Whisky

Passport Scottch Whisky