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Bodegas Vinícola Real was founded by Miguel Ángel Rodríguez in Albelda de Iregua in La Rioja.

Bodegas Vinícola Real founded in 1989, was built near the Santa Catalina chapel. It was born with the intention of specializing in high quality and premium wines. The cellar is born from the wine culture rooted in La Rioja to the monasteries, as well as its emblematic brand, 200 Monges.

The Bodegas Vinícola Real cellar is committed to producing high quality wines from its own vineyards. The harvest is done by hand and in boxes of 15 kilograms, and once in the cellar it goes through a manual sorting table to use only the grapes in the best condition.

The grape varieties that the cellar works with are 85% Tempranillo, 10% Graciano and 5% Mazuelo, spread over 18 hectares. The white grape varieties are Viura, Malvasía, Garnacha Blanca and Moscatel.

The entire cellar is designed for low but high quality wine production, around 3,300 kilos per hectare. The aging process is carried out in oak barrels with periodic racking. The cellar has a magnificent draft in the mountains to provide optimal and constant temperature and humidity conditions for aging.

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