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Bodegas Tobía was born in La Rioja with the philosophy of making wines in a new way, placing itself at the forefront of the wine world.

Bodegas Tobía has focused on the exploration of new oenological forms since its creation, which led it in 1996 to produce the first barrel-fermented rosé from Spain. What made this wine is one of the best known rosés in Spain.

In 2002 Bodegas Tobía cellar received the internationalization award given by the Rioja Chamber of Commerce. In 2010 the cellar moved to Cuzcurrita de Río Tirón also in La Rioja Alta to continue with the innovative and growth project.

The winemaking process begins with environmentally friendly techniques that take advantage of the energy obtained from the process itself for pumping over.

Malolactic fermentation takes place in barrels, the stabilization of red wines is carried out by means of barrels without the use of chemicals and the wines are not filtered before bottling.

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