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Thomas Sheridan & Sons is a Gilbey's Group-owned distillery that makes the famous Sheridans liquor.

Thomas Sheridan & Sons was born in the city of Dublin in Ireland, where it still maintains its headquarters. It is currently owned by the Gilbey's group, which among other things produces Baileys Irish cream.

The distillery is closed to public visits, although there is the possibility of visiting it upon reservation.

The group to which International Distillers & Vintners belongs was a company that produced wines, beers and spirits, founded in 1857 with a gin distillery. In 1997 it merged with Grand Metropolitan and the creation of Diageo emerged. And finally in 1998 it merged with United Distillers to create International Distillers & Vintners.

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Sheridan's is a coffee and vanilla cream liqueur produced in Dublin. Sheridan's was first introduced in 1994 by Thomas Sheridan & Sons.

The bottle is divided vertically, separating the blend of Irish whiskey with black coffee on one side, and the white chocolate liquor on the other.

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