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Juvé & Camps is one of the leading cava cellars in the Spanish wine sector. Located below Montserrat, in the Penedés, more than 200 years after its creation, it still maintains its family spirit.

Juvé & Camps was founded in 1796, before the phylloxera plague. They own several plots in the Penedés, Espiells being the most famous, and which gives its name to one of its wines.

The cultivation is certified since 2015 as organic, not only in the production of cavas, but also in its wines, some of them recognized with international awards.

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Juve & Camps Rosé Cava

Cava Juve & Camps Rosé is made with the Pinot Noir grape variety, is a young, fresh and vivacious cava.

Juvé and Camps is synonymous with four generations of a family dedicated, in body and soul, to viticulture, devoted to the production of great wines and cavas.

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