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Kirin Brewery Company is a Japanese brewery and distillery, converted into a business consortium, currently owned by the Japanese company Mitsubishi.

The company has more than 15 breweries throughout Japan, although it also controls international brands of all types of beverages, including coffee or soft drinks.

Kirin Brewery Company was founded in 1870 by Norwegian Johan Martinius Thoresen in Yokohama. Recently migrated to Japan, Johan brewed a beer that was less bitter than traditional ones, and had some success, but was unable to expand the brand. After several attempts to refloat the company, in 1907 it was acquired by the Mitsubishi group, which boosted sales throughout Japan.

Kirin has been Japan's sales leader for many decades, although in recent years it has been surpassed by Asahi. Despite this, it maintains its brands and distributes some of the main international beer brands, adding distillates, soft drinks and all kinds of beverages to its portfolio.

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