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Pacharan and Punch

In the online shop En Copa De Balón you can buy pacharan and punch at the best price. Discover on our website all the varieties of pacharán and punch we can offer you and enjoy the ones you like the most.

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  • La destilería Hijos de Pablo Esparza lleva cinco generaciones elaborando bebidas espirituosas de alta calidad en Villaba, Navarra. Con este pacharán Etiqueta Negra, nos enseñan un destilado afrutado, intenso y aterciopelado, sin aristas. Sabroso.

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  • Ponche Caballero is unique, the genuine Spanish liqueur made with a secret recipe of more than 180 years old. Ponche Caballero Liqueur renewed the image of its iconic bottle coinciding with the 185th anniversary of the birth of the brand. Luis Caballero S.A., family business founded in 1830, based in Spain and with a large presence in international...

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  • Pacharán Baines Etiqueta Oro is a dense, voluptuous and round pacharán. Very complete. The Baines group produces craft liqueurs in Navarre since 1844 and pacharán since the 50s of the last century.

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  • Pacharán Panizo is a pacharán made from the distillation of sloes of Basque origin, anise and sugar. Prepared by distilleries Panizo, a family business with a long tradition in the alcoholic beverages sector (liqueurs and marc). Innovation and commitment to new products, always of the highest quality.

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  • Pacharán Baines 1 Lt. is a classic Navarre liquor, flagship of Baines traditional knowledge and artisan products. Licores Baines continue making their products following the tradition and preserving the methods of elaboration of yesteryear, proof of this is the Diploma of Artisan, granted by the Government of Navarre.

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  • Pacharan Zoco 1 Lt. is unique, totally different from many other liqueurs prepared with fruit, Pacharán Navarro is an authentic product of the land. In 1816, the Velasco family was already engaged in the distillation of alcohols in the town of Viana, Navarra. In 1956, Ambrosio Velasco sold the first pacharán brand: Pacharán Zoco.

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  • Pacharán La Cepa de Cristal 3 Lt. belongs to Panizo Distilleries, is a family business with a long tradition in the alcoholic beverages sector (liqueurs and marc). The business started in 1938. In those years it was distilled in a small copper alembic, the traditional brandy that is marketed in the region of Tera.

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  • Pacharán Etxeko Ukerdi 1Lt. is a liquor produced almost exclusively in Navarra, where it is a traditional digestive drink and very popular since medieval times.

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