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The Leyenda del Páramo cellar was born in 2010 in León, a project supported by 7 people with the aim of making their wines cross borders and elevate their local variety to a privileged place.

Leyenda del Páramo cellar is located in León and it was Pedro González Mittelbrunn who produced the first harvest of Leyenda del Páramo in 2009, advancing the birth of the cellar.

León is a wine-producing area with great strength since in 1984 it came up to 14,000 hectares of vineyards, an area with a deep wine tradition. The area is also characterized by the variety of "prieto picudo" grape, the rare grape located in the fields of Valdevimbre, Los Oteros and Cea.

The climate of this zone is cold Mediterranean, although affected by its high altitude and the proximity to the Cantabrico Sea has a strong continentality. The temperatures oscillate between 15º below zero in the coldest times until 20ºC at the time of flowering and ripening.

The soils are between 800 and 900 meters in altitude and are divided into two different areas: Brown soils on stony allochthonous deposits  and Calcareous brown soils on unconsolidated material.

Traditionally, the area occupied by the vineyards is known as Valdevimbre - Los Oteros, which is inscribed in the Appallation of origin Tierra de León and in the Wines of the Land of Castilla y León.

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El Músico 2012

El Músico 2012 is the most exclusive wine of the Leyenda del Páramo cellar, of which only 2,500 bottles are made.

Bodegas Leyenda del Páramo was founded in 2010 in Valdevimbre (León) to produce quality wines with native varieties of the southern area of ​​the province of León: the Prieto Picudo (red) and Albarín (white).

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