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The Bodega César Príncipe cellar was born in 1982 by Ignacio Príncipe, grandson of Eutiquio Príncipe and son of César Príncipe, precursors of the winery, establishing the foundations.

The history of the Bodega César Príncipe cellar begins with the grandfather of the Euriquito family, who transmitted his wine tradition to his son César, and then it was his son, Ignacio, who settled the image of the winery as it is currently known founded in the year 1982.

The year 2000 was a point of inflection for this winery with the introduction to the market of the César Príncipe wine, a wine with 84 Parker points, which gave an added value to the red wines in the Cigales Appellation of Origin.

In the town of Fuensaldaña, Valladolid, you can find most of the vineyards owned by the Bodega César Príncipe. The age of these vineyards ranges from 25 years, the youngest and 80-100 years, the oldest. These oldest vineyards were planted by the grandfather of the family, in the plot La Majada, vineyards of the Tempranillo grape variety with low yield.

The soils of this plots are formed by red clay and boulders, in addition to also having sand and limestone in greater or lesser amount depending on the place.

In addition to the Tempranillo variety, Jerez, Albillo or Moscatel varieties are also produced. The vineyard has currently reached 40 hectares.

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