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Bodegas Rodero was born in 1990 in the town of Pedrosa del Duero, by the hand of Carmelo Rodero, backed by his wife Elena. Their daughters Beatriz and María have also joined the project.

Bodegas Rodero combines perfectly the most innovative techniques in the wine world with the unique characteristics of its vineyard. Having as a fundamental base the respect and good treatment towards the vineyard and the grape.

The winery has 140 hectares of vineyards divided into different pagos, each with different soils. The average age of these vineyards oscillates 30 years, although some of them are 100 years old.

Located at an altitude of between 750 and 900 meters, the climate of the area is characterized by a combination of continental and Atlantic influences with dry summers and long winters with large temperature fluctuations.

The soil is clayey and poor in organic matter, yet we can also find calcareous soils, sands and stones.

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Magnum Carmelo Rodero...

Magnum Carmelo Rodero Crianza 2020 is a structured and meaty wine with an excellent retronasal bouquet after filling our mouth with intense flavor; Wine perfectly balanced, long and generous in taste sensations.

The Rodero winery is one of the most important in Ribera del Duero, for its long tradition in the production of quality wines.

Price €48.70

Carmelo Rodero TSM 2019

Carmelo Rodero TSM 2019 is a red wine from D.O. Ribera del Duero made by the Carmelo Rodero winery.

Bodegas Rodero has 120 hectares of its own Tempranillo grape vineyard, with which it produces its red oak, aged and reserva wines.

Price €71.50

Magnum Carmelo Rodero 9...

Magnum Carmelo Rodero 9 meses 2021 is a red wine made by Bodegas Rodero in the D.O. Ribera del Duero

Bodegas Rodero has 120 hectares of Tempranillo grape vineyards, with which they elaborate their red oak, aging and reserve wines, all of them under the Ribera del Duero Designation of Origin.

Price €27.95