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Bodegas Dominio de Atauta is located at an altitude of 1,000 meters in the town of Atauta in Soria. Located in a valley with more than a century of winemaking tradition.

Bodegas Dominio de Atauta was born with the philosophy of taking maximum care of the grape, in this case Tinta Fina, throughout its maturation cycle. Composed of a total of 500 microparcelas which have a personalized and individual treatment.

The vineyard of the cellar is pre-phylloxera located on a very eroded valley where the calcareous rock predominates in its grounds, the rest of the composition varies depending if they are in the páramo or in the hillside. The climate of the area is characterized by having low temperatures and large temperature changes between day and night during the ripening of the grape which favors this process.

The minimum age of the vineyards is 85 years and the production of around 2,500 kilos per hectare.

The harvest is done by hand, once in the cellar each grape has a different process of elaboration, among the deposits for the processes of wine making, they have wooden vats, concrete tanks and stainless steel tanks. The aging of the wines takes place in French oak barrels.

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