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The Condado de Haza cellar was founded in 1987 and belongs to the Grupo Pesquera.

Haza County belongs to Grupo Pesquera and has around 200 hectares of Tempranillo. It is located on the Golden Mile of the Ribera del Duero at 800 meters altitude. It was in 1993 when this cellar was self-sufficient and they were able to carry out the whole process of making wines from inside doors.

All the vines of the cellar are located in the municipality of Roa, on sandy loams, and are located on slopes and plains. The annual rainfall oscillates 400 mm. The vineyards are located on slopes (with greater insolation) and in the plain where the ripening process is longer. Thanks to this type of planting the harvest is done manually and in a staggered way.

The climate of the area has large fluctuations in temperature between day and night, which favors the ripening of the grapes properly.

The aging area has 3,000 new barrels and the bottle is located in a tunnel from 200 meters to 300 meters long in the underground to maintain the ideal temperature and humidity for the conservation of wines.

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Condado De Haza Reserva 2016

Condado de Haza Reserva 2016 is a very limited edition wine, very and exclusive as it is a château-style winery that only makes the best grapes.

Bodegas Condado de Haza belongs to the Pesquera Group, with the intention of producing more personal wines and less of mass selling.

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