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Bodegas Díez Llorente was born in 2001, although it was in 1982 with the creation of the Appellation of Origin Ribera del Duero when the family planted the vineyards reaching up to 90 hectares today.

Bodegas Díez Llorente has 90 hectares of vineyards distributed in the towns of Roa, Pedrosa de Duero, Valcabado de Roa, Mambrilla de Castrejón and La Horra.

A culture of winemaking that has been inherited from generation to generation, the first members of this family made wines in underground cellars dug with picks and shovels and aged in wooden vats. In these early years the wines they made were rosé but the trend changed in the mid-twentieth century when they started making red wines.

In 1955 the family was introduced to several cooperatives in the area and bulk wine was discontinued.

They have a total of 90 hectares of vineyard. The variety of grape with which they work is Tinta del País (Tempranillo) whose strains produce an average of less than 4,000kg per hectare, which guarantees good quality. The harvest is done manually in boxes of 14 kg. The fermentation is carried out in a controlled manner in stainless steel tanks and barrels.

The aging of its wines takes place in 225 liters barrels of French and American oak of high quality, with temperature and humidity always controlled.

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Eñe Crianza 2019

Eñe Crianza 2019 is a red wine with DO Ribera del Duero and produced by Bodegas Juan Díez, for Javier Ortega.

Javier Ortega was a successful rugby player and is currently a coach. Above all, he is a passionate viticulturist with heart and soul.

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